Join an Institutional Training

    The Scholar Institutional Trainings are an opportunity for Scholar Liaisons to come together to discuss strategies for developing competitive applications and best practices for supporting applicants. These trainings provides a high-level overview of the Fulbright Program, Institutional Engagement Opportunities (Outreach Lecturing Fund and Scholar in Residence), in addition to targeted breakout sessions for Liaisons to discuss challenges, obstacles, and solutions within the Fulbright Program.

    Scholar Liaison Workshops
    Scholar Liaison Workshops are give a complete overview of all the Fulbright Scholar awards. During the workshops staff highlight changes and important information about the current award competition. Scholar Liaisons meet senior program staff and are introduced to the Fulbright Scholar Program PowerPoint presentation, with the goal that after the workshop, Scholar Liaisons will be adequately trained to give this same presentation on their campuses.

    Fulbright Institutional Training
    Fulbright Institutional Trainings  are an interactive session to learn about the role of the Fulbright Scholar Liaison and Fulbright Program Adviser. In parallel sessions, you will learn about ways to support faculty and administrators as a Liaison, and, as a Fulbright Program Adviser, how to support student applicants. You will meet other Liaisons and Advisers and have the opportunity to network and discuss best practices. 

    Liaison Linkups
    Liaison Linkups  are opportunities to meet and connect with Liaisons at other institutions. Each event will have a different theme and will be an opportunity to learn, network, and grow in your role as Liaison. Liaison Linkups will be on the third Thursday of every month at 2pm EST. Feel free to join/leave at any point within the hour. To join, simply follow the event link, and enter in your name and email to register. A confirmation email will contain the event link. Come prepared with your questions or simply join in to listen. NOTE: All office hours are (EST) EASTERN STANDARD TIME.

    Sneak Peek Webinars
    Join us for webinars designed to give you a sneak peek into the latest updates on the Fulbright Scholar Program. 

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